The aim of the project is to analyse the effects of enhancing social capital produced by non-profit organisations.


Through their social action (social services for people), the non-profit organisations create networks of stable relationships among all those concerned (service users, local boards, the entire local community), contributing to increasing the effects of existing social policies and, in collaboration with the local boards, in designing a new system of local welfare.


The methodological approach adopted in the project is "research-action": the manner of social operation of four non-governmental organisations will be the object of a comparative analysis and a study aimed at defining a method instrument to evaluate new social policies and to elaborate proposals for creating local welfare systems that enhance the role of social capital.


The project involves three European countries: Italy, Spain and Romania. The research-action work is concentrated in three local contexts: Rome, Madrid, Tirgu Mures.


The Value project is financed by the European Commission - Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.